Testimonials for Vinna C. Norris, DDS in Fort Collins, CO

Vinna C. Norris has many happy clients. Read some of the nice things they have to say below.
I wish to sincerely thank Dr. Norris for working so diligently to bring my mouth back to good health. This is not lightly given praise. I have a lot of experience with dentists starting in my adolescent years. I arrived in Fort Collins a few years ago with caps on most of my teeth and one in my hand, gums too sore to floss, and a weird bite. Dr. Liley immediately began to provide the good dentistry I had lacked for many years. Dr. Norris has continued on by providing a careful and economically prudent game plan. What a difference!
-Roger, 63, Fort Collins
My daughter, Sydney, fell while playing on her scooter and broke her front adult tooth off near the gum line. I called Dr Norris when we were on our way to the hospital for injuries related to the fall. Even after hours she was able to call me back within minutes. When I explained to her what had happened with Sydney she immediately reassured me that she would be more than willing to help. When we were able to leave the hospital after 9pm Dr. Norris met us at her office to help Sydney with her broken tooth. Dr. Norris explained everything that needed to be done. Even without the broken piece of tooth she was able to make it look like Sydney never had an accident to begin with. It was amazing how willing Dr. Norris was to give up her time to assist us in a very stressful situation. Her approach was so gentle that during the process Sydney was able to fall asleep. Due to the tender nature of Sydney's accident she was in need of a root canal specialist and Dr. Norris was able to refer us to someone that could see us the next morning. The entire process could have been much more stressful than it was, but thanks to Dr. Norris for her willingness to help we were able to make it through without any lasting difficulties.
-Matt, 28, Windsor
My experience with Dr. Vinna Norris has been wonderful. I never thought I'd use the words “wonderful” describing a dentist, but it's true. I travel extensively for my job and the week before one of my trips I had the most incredible tooth pain that came on all of a sudden on a Thursday evening. Words will never be able to describe this tooth pain – it was the most awfully constant, blinding pain I have ever been in. Dr. Norris came in to see me on Friday afternoon and after an evaluation determined that I needed to have the tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. Given the timing, I knew it was going to be a long weekend. Dr. Norris met me at her office on both Saturday and Sunday to anesthetize the area to help with pain relief until I could be seen on Monday morning by the specialist. I couldn't have made it through the weekend with her. If you are looking for a dentist who is kind and caring and goes out of her way to take care of you, call Dr. Vinna Norris…
-Mike, 32, Fort Collins
I was looking for a dentist in the area and came across Dr. Vinna Norris. After my first appointment with her, I knew I had picked the right dentist. She is so thorough and extremely gentle. She cares not only for your teeth, but also your overall general health. Her staff is so personable and kind. My overall experience was incredible and my teeth feel and look great. I would recommend her to anyone. My husband hasn't been to the dentist in over 4 years, due to being terrified of dentists. I was able to get him to go and see Dr. Norris, and even he was impressed. He is now a regular patient, which is amazing.
-Lindsay, 29, Fort Collins
Dr. Norris is one dentist that I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. I had worn down several front teeth during years of grinding and clenching. Dr. Norris restored my smile with veneers. I love them!!! They look fabulous and I now smile with confidence and often! Dr. Norris was professional, caring and very gentle. I will absolutely continue to see her for my dental needs.
‎-Linda, 58, Fort Collins
Very professional, thorough, and pleasant. I highly recommend her.